Hit Points for everyone

Attributes are very similar to Stats but their value ranges from 0 up to a maximum defined by a Stat. For example, the current health of a character is an attribute.

Attributes in Runtime

Attributes are represented as a gauge or progress bar in the Stats component inspector. In the Editor, an attribute is displayed as the initial percentage filled. In Play Mode, however, the values change to display the current values.


There are some Actions that let you interact and query attribute values and states.

  • Change Attribute: Allows you to change the base value of an attribute. The value can come from a variable of be a constant value

  • Sync Attribute to Variable: Assigns the current value of an Attribute to a specific global or local variable.

  • Debug Attribute: Prints the value of an attribute in the console


Same as Actions, Conditions with attributes allow to use the Stats features outside of the module, such as in the Inventory, Dialogue modules or even your own custom systems

  • Attribute Value: Returns the final value of an attribute and compares it to another constant or variable number.

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