Video learning resources for everyone

Apart from the Getting Started video series, we offer a wide variety of tutorials that address different common mechanics. On top of that, some users have also created extensive tutorials.

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Game Creator - Tips & Tricks

This is a Youtube playlist where we cover how to implement basic mechanics using Game Creator alone. It ranges from beginner to intermediate levels.

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Game Creator Community

These are amazing community-made videos, set in no particular order.

Indie Game Hustle

With a smooth and charming voice, Indie Game Hustle has made an impressive collection of tutorials that touch from simple things as player movement, to much more advanced such as making a character swim or pick up scene obects.

Indie Game Hustle Youtube Channel.

Creating a Main Menu

What game doesn't have a main menu? Learn how to make one with this extensive series!


RVR (aka Penhoat) is a tutorial machine gun that touches many game development topics using Game Creator along with multiple modules, and explain how these symbiotically interact with each other.

Basic Tutorials

Steed Maker

Here's a couple of very beginner-friendly video tutorials for those starting out with both Game Creator and the Unity engine.

Here's a couple of tutorials addressed to users who are just beginning with both Game Creator and Unity. Assumes no prior knowledge and will get you through step by step.

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