In order to know which one is the main camera and apply different behaviors to it, Game Creator provides a component called Camera Controller.

Game Creator has two different Camera types:

  • Camera Controller: Attached to the main camera. Mimics the behavior of an active Camera Motor.

  • Camera Motors: There are different types of motors. They tell the Camera Controller where to look.

The first time you create a Camera Motor, a Camera Controller will be automatically attached to your main camera and linked to the created Motor.

Camera Controller

The Camera Controller has a slot with a reference to an active Camera Motor. The Camera Controller tries to mimic the referenced motor properties.

There should always be only one single instance in the entire scene.

The Camera Controller also has dampening options in case you constantly switch between different motors and you want to smooth out the different transitions.

Camera Motors

There are different types of Camera Motors. Each one of them is responsible for a specific logic. Some are very simple, like the Fixed Camera Motor, which only rotates towards a target. Others, like the Adventure Camera Motor allow you orbit around a character while avoiding walls getting in the way.

Click here for a more in-depth view of the different Camera Motors

To create a Camera Motor right click on the Hierarchy Panel and select Game Creator → Other → Camera Motor.

We're constantly looking for new ideas of Camera Motors. If you feel we're missing one drop us a line and we'll discuss the viability.

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