Quests UI

Setting up Quests is not only useful for internally following a structure when telling your story but also a way to inform the player about the next steps.

The Quests module comes with a couple of UI assets that provide some basic functionality so you can kickstart your project right away: A Journal and a Quests HUD.

These are just some example assets that can be built with the Quest built-in components. You can learn how to modify or create new ones clicking here.

The Journal

The Journal is a complex user interface. On the left panel there are all the current active Quest Roots. Those that are being tracked are bookmarked.

When selecting a Quest Root, an in-depth description will appear on the right side. With the default Journal you'll be able to see which Tasks are active, toggle the tracking property and abandon the Quest Root.

You can show, hide or toggle the Journal using the Journal Action.

The Quests HUD

The Quests HUD is a smaller user interface asset that shows the current active Quest Roots and their active Tasks below which update in realtime.

You can show, hide and toggle the Quests HUD using the Quests HUD Action.

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