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If you are reading this means you should already be an expert using the Stats module. This time we won't be covering a new feature, but show you how can you use the Formulas and Stats for other things that aren't tightly related to your character's progression.

For example, here we'll be showing how the Player won't be able to open a door that requires a minimum amount of dexterity, but once we level him up, he'll have enough to open the door.


The dexterity stat is just a simple stat value that depends on the level of the Player. Here's the Formula used in our example:

stat[level] * 5

This expression means that at Level 1, the Player will have a dexterity value of 5 (1 * 5) and at level 2, he'll have a value of 10 (2 * 5).

It is a good idea to build your multiple stats around another one called level.

The Door

We won't go into much detail on how to create the door. It's basically a Trigger that fires an Event once it detects a click.

This Event, however, is interesting. It uses a Condition to check if the dexterity of the player is greater or equal than 10. If so, it opens the door. Otherwise, it prompts a message stating that you don't have enough dexterity.


Despite being a very simple example, we wanted to show that the sky is the limit when it comes to integrate the Stats with other system. You could, for example, add or remove choices from the Dialogue module depending on the value of a certain stat (like persuasion). Or you could only display a certain Quest if the player has enough reputation, which could also be defined as a stat.

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