Buttons, Sliders and more!

Game Creator comes with some handy components that makes interacting with UI elements a breeze.

It is recommended that you are at least familiar with Unity's UI system. Check out Unity Learn for more information.

All Game Creator UI components can be found at Create → Game Creator → UI section at the Hierarchy Panel.

Actions Button

Actions Button look exactly the same as native Unity buttons, except that there's an Actions component at the end of it that will be executed when the button is clicked.

Input Field

Games usually allow the user to input a text. For example, the name of the player. You can easily store the value of an Input Field into a Variable through the Game Creator Input Field.

This component looks exactly like the native homonymous but also has a Variable selector at the end.


A Slider allows the user to select a value between a min and a max value. The Game Creator Slider allows to sync this value with a Variable.

The Slider value is updated when the Variable value is changed. The Variable value is also updated when the Slider value changes.


The Toggle component allows to set a Variable to True or False by checking or unchecking the box.

Game Creator allows to link this value to a Boolean Variable.

Text Localized

Allows to print a Localized Text in a native-like Text component. The text is automatically updated if the user decides to change the game language.

To enable text localization, click on the Enable Translation button and a new entry will appear in the Localized Texts list. For more information about Localized Texts see its section.

Text Variable

The Text Variable component looks exactly like the Unity Text component, except that its content allows to print the value of a Variable. The Variable value will replace the {0} symbol.

For example, if the text content is "player health is {0}" and the Text Variable component is linked to the "health" Variable, which has a value of 100, the runtime text will be "player health is 100"

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