Regenerative Mana

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A lot of games feature some kind of regenerative gauge. It can either be health after a short delay of not receiving damage or a small but constant increase of the energy/mana points.

The Stats module's second example shows how you can implement regenerative mana as well as casting a spell only if there's enough points.

Mana Regeneration

To regenerate mana over time is as easy as creating a Trigger that invokes an Actions object as soon as the game starts. These Actions are:

  • Increase the Mana attribute by 5

  • Wait 0.1 seconds

  • Restart the Actions object

This sequence will ensure that every 0.1 seconds, the player's mana attribute will increase by a small portion.

You can also use the value of another Stat as the amount of mana recovered so that it takes into account possible Status Effects or the current level of the player.

Fireball Spell

To cast the Fireball we first need to know if there is enough mana in the player's gauge. To do so, we simply use a Trigger that detects when the user has pressed the Left Mouse button. As soon as that happens it invokes an Event which checks if there's enough mana to cast the spell.

Then, to actually cast the spell we use the Instantiate Action, which creates an instance of a prefab we have previously designated as the Fireball.

When casting a Fireball the player also plays a Gesture so the effect looks fancier.

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