Ra-ta-ta-ta-ta examples

The Shooter module comes with a bunch of examples that go from the most basic weapon set up, until the most advanced stuff. It is important to play around with the scenes while having this documentation at hand, which will guide you where each thing is, as well as provide tips on why things are set up the way they are.

pageExample 1 - Get StartedpageExample 2 - Pick Weapons

The following examples show how to set up your game using different perspectives. The Third-Person perspective is skipped, since it's the one used in the previous of the examples.

pageExample 3 - Top DownpageExample 4 - Side ScrollpageExample 5 - First Person

Finally, we put everything together in one final example, where the Player must face an enemy, who has a very simple, yet functional AI.

The Player can choose from a range of different weapons and every time he/she shots at the enemy, its "Hit" counter will increase. The same happens when the Player gets hit by the enemy.

pageExample 6 - Combat

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