Equip Items

A Magic Ring that offers +10 of Defense...? Sure, sure... Please, tell me more...

Since version 0.5.1 you can create items and make characters equip them. We've built a very flexible system so one item can be equipped in multiple item slots (although it can only be in either one or the other, but not both at the same time).

See Item Types section to know how to create and manage categories for different item types.

Equip Items

To equip an item you first need to define which Types will be used as Equipping Slots. For example, you can make a Steel Sword be of Equipable and Equipable/Right-Hand Types.

Once you have these, you can use the Action "Equip Item" to equip the Steel Sword to a specific slot, such as the type Right Hand.

Remember that the Player must have this item in its Inventory before equipping it.

Defining what items can be equipped is something that should be thought prior to start developing the game. It's advised to draft the amount of items that will be equipable and define their common types.

When an item is equipped, the On Equip actions will be fired, and when an item is unequipped, the On Unequip actions will be fired.

The Invoker property in these Action references the character that is equipping that item.

The On Equip and On Unequip actions are the perfect place to make the effects of equipping/unequipping an item take effect.

For example, if a Steel Sword shows a nice 3D model of a shiny sword on its right hand, the On Equip Actions could look like something like this:

If you try to equip an item on a type that doesn't match the item's type, it won't equip the item.

When loading a previous game where the player or any other character had items equipped, those will be re-equipped.

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