The Dialogue module is a Game Creator extension that allows to create and display in-game cutscenes and branching conversations between characters.

Key features

  • Easily create conversations between Characters

  • Add custom skins or download pre-made ones from the Game Creator Store

  • Add Conditions to each line of dialogue

  • Choose to execute Dialogue Actions first, last or simultaneously with the conversation line

Dialogue comes a minimalist skin. You can create your own by duplicating the default one or import one from the store.


Download the package from the Game Creator Store or the Unity Asset Store. You'll first need to have Game Creator installed.

Then, bring up the Preferences Window clicking on the Game Creator option in the toolbar. Head to the Modules tab and click the Dialogue's Enable button.

This module requires Game Creator and won't work without it. Don't attempt to extract the package inside the Plugins/ folder as it will throw some errors.

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