Module Manager

What is the Module Manager

Game Creator is a large ecosystem of different parts brought together. Instead of shipping Game Creator as a single tool with lots of functionalities, it's split into what is called Modules.

A Module extends or adds new functionalities to the core tools. Their complexity can range from a simple new Action to a complete RPG toolbox with stats, buffs and animations.

All modules can be found at the Game Creator Hub.

How to use Module Manager

Import a Module

To add or import a module:

Managing modules

Once you've imported a Module, you can enable, disable or remove it. You can also create a backup copy of an enabled module if you don't use git or any repository management tool.


You can create a backup file from the select active Module at any time. Backups are located at the root of the project, inside a folder called Backups/[backup-date]/. The name of the file is the id of the module followed by its version number.


Enabling a Module allows you to work with the content of the module. In some cases, a Module might override some of your data (such as Variables). This happens mostly when using example modules that teach you how to use a certain tool (Dialogue Examples, Game Creator Examples, ...). If that's the case, a dialog box will prompt warning you about the consequences of enabling the module.

Before enabling or disabling a Module it's advised to make a backup of your project.


Disabling a Module will remove all functionalities and scripts from your project, but as long as the installer is still present in your project, you can re-enable it at any time.

Upon disabling a Module all data generated by this module will be removed. We recommend making a backup before disabling it. It's just one click away.

For example, the Inventory module will remove all generated Items and Recipes from the project when disabling it.


When a Module is disabled, you'll have the option of deleting its installer. This is perfectly safe and will allow you to free some space from your project. Once a Module is removed, it will no longer appear in your Module Manager and you'll have to import it again to enable it.

Available Modules


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