Swords, Shields and Axes

Any item can belong to zero, one or more categories. These categories (or item types) are defined in the Types tab.

Item Types were introduced in version 0.5.2

An Item Type is identified by the concatenation of the ID and the Name. These should be unique across all other Types and can contain a "/" character to indicate being a sub-element of another item. In the example above, Swords and Helmets are sub elements of Equipment.

Though not required, it's a good practice to keep all sub elements with a "/" separator. This will allow finding sub items much faster, since they will be placed as a sub category when selecting a type in a dropdown menu.

You can create up to 32 different item Types.

Item Types can be used for a wide variety of reasons. One of them is using a Type to define which items are equipable and where can they be equipped.

For example, you could assign the Type "Right Hand" to a Sword and use all items that contain the type "Right Hand" as equipables to that slot.

Another use for Types is to organize the Player's inventory UI. You can choose to show specific items that belong to a category or multiple categories.

For example, you can define a "Consumable" type and assign it to Potions and Food so they are displayed in a consumable menu.

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