In the Settings tab you can configure all the necessary information related to the Inventory module. It's divided into different sub-sections such as User Interface and Behavior Configuration.

The Item UI Prefab field is no longer there and has been moved as part of the Inventory UI component inside the prefab used as Inventory UI Prefab field.

User Interface

In this section you can define how the Inventory looks like in the game.

Inventory UI Prefab and Item UI Prefab fields tell Game Creator what should be instantiated when the game requests to open the inventory. There's a complete chapter dedicated to this topic, but as a teaser, Game Creator comes with a couple of Inventory interfaces that can be seen in the image below. You can switch between them by setting the InventoryRPG or the InventoryAdventure prefabs in the Inventory UI Prefab field.

See Custom User Interface section for more information

The On Drag Grab Item toggle allows to enable/disable showing the Item picked below the cursor. This is only useful if you intend to disable all Items combinations. Otherwise, we recommend leaving it enabled.

Cursor Drag and Cursor Drag Hotspot are, as their name implies, the cursor used when dragging an item around.

Behavior Configuration

In the Behavior Configuration section you'll see options to set or unset Inventory features.

Drag Items To Combine option allows to enable or disable dragging and dropping an Item onto another to trigger a Recipe process. For example, if there's a Recipe with items A and B and the user drags A onto B (or the other way around), then they both will be destroyed and the Recipe actions set will be executed. If Drag Items to Combine is set to false, they will never be combined by dragging one onto the other.

Stop Time On Open Inventory allows to pause the game (the TimeScale is set to 0) when opening the inventory, and resume when closed.

Drag Outside Inventory to Instantiate allows to drag items outside the Inventory UI window and instantiates the associated prefab in the scene. This feature is very useful. You can, for example, drop items from the Inventory and pick them up again from the scene, or you can use it to place mines in the scene for them to explode when a Character is nearby. Again, we provide the tools, you the creativity!

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