The Inventory module includes a set of Actions that complement Game Creator's and allow to do things with Items, Recipes and the player's Currency.

The Player Inventory is where all the items being carried are stored. this inventory is automatically saved when calling the Save Action so you don't need to worry about losing data between play sessions.


Allows to Add or Subtract currency from the Player's Inventory.

Instantiate Item

Instantiates (adds to the scene) a copy of the Prefab associated to the Item.

For example, you can instantiate a 3D model of a potion that adds 1 Potion item to the players to simulate dropping and picking it again.


Allows to manipulate an Item. You can either Add the item to the Player's Inventory, Substract a certain amount of Consume the ones it has.

Inventory UI

Opens or closes the Player's Inventory UI.

Use Recipe

Tries to find a Recipe with the two select Items. If it successfully finds one, it combines those objects executing the previously defined Actions associated to the Recipe.


Allows to Buy or Sell an Item (and a defined amount of these). The difference between Buying and Adding is that an Item has a price. If the player doesn't have enough Currency to purchase the Item/s, then it won't do anything. The same applies to Selling. If the player is not carrying enough Items in his inventory, the transaction won't be fulfilled.

Equip Item

Equips an item from the Inventory (if possible). For more information about equipping items click here.

Unequip Item

Unequips an item or everything from an Equippable Slot. For more information about equipping items see the Equip Items section.

Items List UI

An advanced Action used for the Inventory UI. Allows to modify what items are displayed in an Items List component. For more information about the Items List component see Custom Inventory UI section.

Use Loot Table

Executes a Loot Table, giving the Player (or adding to a Container) a random item picked from a Loot Table. For more information on Loot Tables see the Loot Tables section.

Merchant UI

Shows or hides the Merchant UI. For more information about Merchants, see the Merchants section.


Container Actions allow to interact with a Container. For more information about Containers see the Containers section.

Add Item

Adds an item to a Container

Dump Inventory

Dumps the whole Player Inventory into a Container. This is useful when your game has multiple playable characters, each one with its own Inventory.

For example, if your game has 3 playable characters, when switching from Player A to Player B, you can dump the Inventory contents to a Container A and retrieve everything from Container B.

Retrieve Everything

Dumps everything from a Container to the Inventory. Useful when your game has multiple playable characters or you want to add a "Retrieve Everything" button when opening a Chest.

Container UI

Opens or closes the Container UI of a Container. The Container UI Action accepts multiple UI skins so your containers can look different from one and another.

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