Game Creator

What kind of games can I make with Game Creator?

Game Creator is not tied to any specific game genre. You can even create a mobile app that isn't a game with Game Creator. Despite this, we focus all efforts on adventure and action games. Click here to see an example of a game made with an early version of Game Creator.

Where can I learn more about using Game Creator?

You are in the right place! Start by reading the Get Started section or watch your Quickstart video tutorials. Will take you less than 15 minutes.

Is Game Creator a Visual Scripting tool?

Game Creator is more than a scripting tool. It's an entire game creator toolbox that handles all the heavy lifting and lets you focus on what matters: Making awesome games. It helps you kickstart the development of your games with just a few seconds. Creating cinematic sequences is extremely easy with our Camera Motors. Our high-level scripting language abstracts you from complex math and lets you use simple instructions such as: Move character from A to B. Under the hood, these instructions handle collision avoidance, locomotion, acceleration, inverse kinematics to align the feet to the floor, etc... Check the Get Started section for a complete list of features.

Can I make a multiplayer game with Game Creator?

We've recently partnered with Ninjutsu Games and they have developed a module that adds multiplayer support for Game Creator using Photon. Get it here.

Notice that this is a third-party module and support is handled by the developer.

Can I use my own scripts with Game Creator?

Yes. Game Creator is all wrapped and isolated in its own namespace. Game Creator has an open API architecture that allows you to extend all functionalities. All logic and data are located inside the special Plugins/GameCreator/ folder. This means that recompiling your project won't also recompile Game Creator.

Can I integrate other Unity Asset Store packages with Game Creator?

Absolutely. We actually encourage you to do it! Take for example the Call Method Action. It allows you to call any function from any component (even custom ones) with up to one parameter. To make everything even more automatic, we're working on integration modules with the most popular Asset Store packages.

Where can I find Modules for Game Creator to download?

All available modules can be downloaded from the Game Creator Store. Some of them are also available in the Unity Asset Store.

Can I make a feature request?

Sure! Game Creator is a community driven product. This means we're always listening, planning and executing according to what we discussed in our Discord server. Join us! We're really friendly folk ;-)

When will Game Creator move beyond Beta phase?

Soon. Well, as soon as we have a stable version :-P We're at the last phase we call #RoadToStable

How easy is it to create my own Actions for Game Creator?

If you have at least some programming experience, it's piece of cake. With Game Creator you can create script templates which contain a basic structure from which to code an Action. Check Custom Actions and Custom Conditions for more information.

Does Game Creator come with its own character controller?

Yes, with jump, run, walk functionalities, smooth locomotion animations, a custom blazing fast Inverse Kinematics algorithm and procedural head tracking. All this with just one click!

Can I use my own 3D models with Game Creator?

Sure! We have a magic drop zone where you drop your 3D model and Puff! Magic! Your character is live!

I'm sold! Where can I get Game Creator?

Click this link to get it. If you have further questions, drop us a line at hello@catsoft-studios.com.

Refund Policy

We don't (or very rarely) approve refunds. The reason is simple; even if we refund your money, there is no way for you to return our product. The end result is that you keep both the money and Game Creator.

We provide the full documentation, demos, video tutorials and honest pre-purchase support so you can make an informed decision wether to buy Game Creator or not.

Feel free to ask us any question at hello@catsoft-studios.com.

We apologize if this sounds rude and we hope you can understand.

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