Custom Triggers

Triggers are the bridge between some kind of input and the execution of Actions and Events. What receives this input and decides whether the Trigger should be fired or not are a hidden component called Igniters.

So when we talk about creating custom Triggers, we're actually talking about custom Igniters. And these work pretty much the same way as Actions and Conditions.


public class IgniterCollisionEnter : Igniter 
    public new static string NAME = "Example/Example";
    public new static bool REQUIRES_COLLIDER = true;

    void Start()

In the example above you see an example of Igniter that tells the Trigger to fire the Actions and Events as soon as the Start method is called.

It is worth noting that it requires the static property NAME and this needs to be unique. The REQUIRES_COLLIDER property is optional and tells the Editor that this Trigger needs to have a collider attached.

Unlike Actions and Conditions, Igniters don't an Editor section to display the Inspector's UI

The Igniter class inherits from MonoBehaviour. That means that you have all the typical methods at your disposal, including the Awake, Update, OnColliderEnter, ...

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