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Items are the main object of the Inventory module. The Items Catalogue tab in the Preferences Window allows to create and set the Item's properties.

Here's an example of an empty Item:

An Item has quite a lot of options

  • Name: The name of the item (displayed in the UI)

  • Description: The description of the item (displayed in the UI)

  • Sprite: The visual representation of the item (as seen in the inventory UI)

  • Prefab: When dropping an item or instantiating it, this prefab will be used

  • Price: The price this value costs (used when buying or selling an item)

  • Max Stack: Maximum number of this items the player can carry in its inventory

  • Weight: Used for custom Inventories

  • Item Types: What category or categories this item belongs to

  • Consumable: Defines whether an item is consumable or not

If an item is marked as consumable then the Actions defined below will be executed when the player clicks on the item in the Inventory's UI or another Action forces to consume the item.

Since version 0.5.1 the Inventory module allows to equip and unequip items, adding new options to the Item's Catalogue. See the Equip Items section for more information about equipping items.

For example, if you create a Health Potion you'll want to restore some player's health (which in this example will be saved in a Variable). Then the Item would look like this.

Notice that you are not restricted to add effects to the player when consuming items.

You could, for example, instantiate another Character in front of the player when consuming an item named Magic Lamp which could be used to start a dialogue.

The possibilities are only limited by your imagination!

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