I am Iron Man!

The Character Player inherits all the functionalities from the Character component. This section assumes you are familiar with the Character component.

The player is just a Character with a custom section called Input that allows to define which user's keys/button/joystick inputs do what.

If the IsControllable property is set as False, the player won't respond to the user's input.

The Player has different input methods:

  • Directional: Move the player using the WASD keys or a joystick.

  • Point & Click: Click on the floor and the Player will move there. It can use the Navigation Mesh.

  • Pointer Follow: Moves towards the direction of the pointer.

  • Side-Scroll X: The Player moves in a 2D plane along the X axis

  • Side-Scroll Z: The Player moves in a 2D plane along the Z axis

In mobile devices the Directional input will pop a Virtual Joystick.

You can also define which key will make the Player jump, though bear in mind that if the Player has the Can Jump checkbox set to false, it won't jump.

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