What... is... that?

Hotspots are interactive elements that provide a simple interface for common gameplay mechanics that are not part of the core of the game.

For example, a typical hotspot is next to a Trigger with the option to change the cursor texture when the mouse hovers the object.

A Hotspot has different options that can be enabled/disabled individually.

Creating a Hotspot

To create a Hotspot component simply Right Click on the Hierarchy Panel and select Game Creator → Other → Hotspot. You can also create a Hotspot element adding the component to any Game Object.

Hotspot options

A Hotspot component has different options that can be enabled.

Cursor option

Whenever the mouse cursor hovers the Hotspot's collider, the cursor texture will switch to the specified. You can also tell Unity the position of the click point inside the texture (in pixel units).

Proximity Hint option

Sometimes you want to hint the user (with a glow for example) there's an important object when the player is nearby.

An instance of the Prefab game object will be created once and enabled/disabled whenever the player enters or exits the area specified by the radius.

Head Look At option

If you have a humanoid character as a player you can make him look at the Hotspot. This is a subtle effect but a great way to indicate important objects without the need of using UI elements.

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