From Pew-Pew to Ka-BOOM!

Welcome to the Shooter module guide. This is a rather complex system with many configuration options, which allow to create from a top-down perspective shoot 'em up like Hotline Miami to third-person adventure games like Uncharted or Tomb Raider.

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There are two main objects in the Shooter module:

  • Weapons: A configuration object that lets you define how a weapon is handled, which prefab is used and the States in which the character will pose when aiming with a particular weapon. Requires an Ammo object linked.

  • Ammo: A configuration object tied to a weapon that defines how a particular ammunition type works, including the effects of shooting, charging a shot or whether it uses a crosshair, a visual trajectory, ...


Do not duplicate or modify the Weapon and Ammo objects that come as an example. Updating the Shooter module will overwrite your changes. Also, duplicating them will result in keeping multiple-references between the original object and the duplicated one. Always create a new Weapon and Ammo object from scratch.

We're working on a solution.

Check the Weapons and Ammunition pages for more details about the options they offer.

The Shooter module works as a FSM that follows the rules of the diagram below. For example, a Character can not shoot unless it's armed and aiming.

To transition between different states you'll need to use the corresponding Action. If a Character tries to shoot when it's in a state that doesn't allow to shoot, the system will simply ignore the command.

Using a FSM is very useful, as you can create an AI that constantly tries to shoot at the Player as soon as the enemy sees it, without needing to worry about synching times when aiming, drawing the gun, etc...

Here's a quick example on how to make the Player draw the Sniper Rifle weapon that comes with the Shooter module when the user presses the E key.

Disclaimer: This is just an example. You can decide how to trigger the drawing of the weapon, whether that's an automatic event as soon as the Player enters a zone, pressing a particular keyboard key or even as soon as the game starts. It's 100% customizable!

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